Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social Media is one of the most effective communication and advertising channels. So it’s a powerful way for businesses, although social media platforms each offer their own marketing tools. Social ads are not limited to promoting content; they are also a great way to advertise products, drive traffic to your website or online shop, or collect contact information for your email campaigns.

The Importance of Social Media for Web Traffic

Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic
Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO
If you’re doing it right, social media will lead to real relationship building.
Social media ads allow targeting and re-targeting.
A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 1.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. For advertisers Facebook is one of the most attractive online channels, because it lets them utilize their rich user data to target very specific audiences.
Facebook offers a range of different objectives for which you can optimize your campaign.
The campaign objectives you can choose from are:
Brand awareness
Traffic (for clicks to your website or to the app store page of your app)
App installs
Engagement (with your posts)
Video views
Conversions (on your website or app)*

What Facebook ads look like, Here you have four different choices

Single Image

Single Video/Slideshow



Instagram is an online and mobile social network for photo- and video-sharing with more than 500 million monthly active users worldwide. For Advertisers, Instagram is a fantastic platform to tell a company’s story in a visual and engaging way. Successful campaigns do not sell products or advertise big discounts but bring a product’s or brand’s authentic heart and soul to life.
What Instagram ads look like,

Single Ad

Video Ad

Carousel Ad


For advertisers, Twitter offers a variety of ad types that can be tailored to different campaign objectives, from increasing website visits and sales to creating a bigger following for a company’s Twitter account. Twitter also offers rich options to target a specific audience, including demographic, interest and behavior targeting.
What Instagram ads look like,

Tweet without image

Tweet with one image

Tweet with multiple images


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world with more than 460 million registered accounts. LinkedIn offers two types of ads – Sponsored Content and Text Ads. From an advertising standpoint, LinkedIn can be a great platform for two purposes: To promote employers, their jobs and stories, and to advertise products and services that are of interest to a professional audience.
What Instagram ads look like,

LinkedIn Text Ad

LinkedIn Sponsored Content


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